• Mig (GMAW)

    Type of welding process that uses wire and gas that can hold 70,000 pounds

  • Tig (GTAW)

    Type of welding process that allows any thickness of steel to weld together

  • Fluxcore (FCAW)

    Type of welding process that uses wire and gas that can hold 100,000 pounds

  • Arc Welding

    With our arc weld, we are able to take it any location to do any type of weld. We have a carbon arc gouger that allows us to remove old welds without hurting any old steel.

  • Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting used accelerated jets of extremely hot plasma to cut into materials that are electrically conductive. Plasma cutting is often used in fabrication to cut steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, and other materials. Plasma cutting can be used to make detailed designs or something as simple as a circle. It's a fantastic fabrication method for smooth metal cutting.

Shearing, Notching, & Punching

Notching is used on thinner barstock and sheet metal.  A press uses a shearing or punching process to cut perpendicular to the surface.  This method is sometimes used to notch itself, but often its the first step in another process like bending the corner in a sheet or connecting two tubes at a tee joint where you would need to notch one to fit into the other.

  • punched metal

    Shearing, Notching, & Punching

  • Saw Cutting & Drilling

Saw Cutting & Drilling

At Dlubak Fabrication, we utilize multiple metal cutting techniques including saw cutting.  We use a semi automated saw that self feeds and produces clean, straight cuts at any degree.  We also provide precise drilling services as well.

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