Powder Coating

We work hand in hand with our subdivision, Dlubak Powder Coatings. Our trained staff develops a hard finish to your product.  If looking for a fabrication job that includes powder coating, please contact 724-224-5887. If looking for just a powder coating job, please contact 724-224-7051.


What is Powder Coating?

  • Powder Coating uses a dry thermoplastic or thermoset polymer powder that adheres through an electrostatic and curing process.  Unlike liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent and provides a much more durable and harder finish.  This makes powder coating wonderful for coating metals you wish to have around for a long time or are exposed to harsh elements.

What Can You Powder Coat?

  • Powder coating can be applied to aluminum, iron, steel, stainless, galvanized, and forged steels. Click here for a list of some ideas to enhance your home or work projects.

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